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Unbreakable bond, Unstoppable growth

Offer your customers the confidence to wear their luxury goods anywhere in the world.

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Build a special relationship with your customer

Deliver exceptional innovation and redefine warranty boundaries to surpass customer expectations, enhancing trust, retention, and acquisition.

Unleash the power of  unrivaled luxury care

Gain a competitive edge with our groundbreaking model offering worldwide theft cover, free of charge. No compliance burden and exceptional customer care.

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Designed for luxury,
Powered by technology.

Transform luxury loss handling into remarkable gains. Customers can swiftly reclaim stolen items within days with our highly personalized digital process. Reduce risk, fraud, and costs with our advanced solution. Embrace a future of unparalleled customer relationships and redefine the boundaries of experience.

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Our Win-Win Model


Maximize brand success by building a long-term client relationship

Increase your profits: through upselling and cross-selling strategies

Unleash visibility by empowering customers

Extend international cover with a compliance free model

Elevate and protect your brand image

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Improve customer loyalty

Offer a unique customer experience and exclusive service

Guarantee reinvestment into the brand

Customers can carry their belongings with confidence

Effortless and personalized claim process

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State-of-the-Art Technology

UX/UI Design Thinking

Seamless, immersive & highly personalized luxury experience

Automation, AI software & Data

Smooth onboarding and multigeographical claim process while decreasing theft, fraud and money laundering

Compliance free

No legal responsabilities for luxury brands or administrative work for your customers

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Elevate your brand to extraordinary heights

Start a partnership with GRACE and become part of the new luxury insurance revolution
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